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Easy setup in 3 steps

FusionSpot Easy connects to your existing router and instantly launches a secure guest WiFi network

1. Setup Device

2. Activate FusionSpot Portal


3. User Login

1. Setup Device

Easy Setup Device 

1. Plug in your FusionSpot

Plug FusionSpot into your existing router using the provided cables



2. Turn on the power

Wait 15 to 20 seconds while your FusionSpot wakes up and prepares itself, it indicates 3 power indicator LAN , WAN and SYS.

3. Get connected

Connect to your new network and test out your client WiFi login



2. Activate FusionSpot Portal

Easy Activate portal

Activated hotelwifi portal open browser in your pc and write down in URl that open 3 steps wizard on screen filldown all details and press submit button that will redirect into portal login page.

Fillout First time wizard

fill-out 3 steps wizard information Like company details ,WAN setting ,create package and last custom field setting it is optional.

Login into portal

Login hotelwifi portal with your username and password.

Create User And Packages

user create by two ways first is creating a user by admin or user it’s self.

Create a custom or different plan for user and fill-out there details like bandwidth quota limits and duration.


3. User Login

Easy Login

1. connect into FusionSpot

Enable Your device wifi setting and connect into FusionSpot.  

2. Login Or Register

if have a allready register user then login your username password give by a admin otherwise register it’s self fillout your basic details verify your details and get into login.

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